I Should Have Known Better

I was visiting Italy in the spring. Yes, yes I know, I’ve been thinking of telling you this story since then, but somehow I seem to not have gotten into it. Don’t ask me what I’ve done, because I am not able to explain it – I am not even sure if I know it myself. Continue reading



He seemed nice, well educated and polite. We had nice chat over the net. Then he told he had nothing in the home to eat and silly me joked about needing to order the pizza. He wanted to meet me over lunch or dinner next day. I am no follower of the rule book – yet the invitation surprised me. Continue reading

Unwanted Touch

Most women have experienced it in one point of their life or another. Some one has either touched or commented in a sexual way that was not wanted. The worst cases are certainly rapes, but even lighter touch can wound and scar, which many men are not able to realize because their own experiences are so different. Continue reading

News Flash: Valentine’s Day Banned by Saudis

Country’s religious police forbid selling red roses and valentines day gifts, so that celebrating Valentines would not tempt people to promiscuity. 

It made me wonder, if some married couple would have anniversary now – what would the man do, when he could not by his wife roses, now forbidden. Continue reading

News Flash: Unmarried Women Voting Influences in Elections

In American democracy unmarried women hava been unused voting arsenal. It seems that they have been influencing the primary race results … Read more: Unmarried Women: The New Soccer Moms?

Continue reading

Why Did I Blew It?

I met this guy in Morocco and gave him my e-mail address (slightly reluctantly, but anyway). The adress I gave him is a kind of a tertiary address I give for commercial purposes etc. It is often filled whit spam as it has no proper spam-filter and it was full this time too. Continue reading

Help! They Try to Pick Me Up

I don’t know, if I am overly sensitive or something, but I don’t like men trying to pick me up, when I am walking on the street or something. Yes, yes I know I am again spinster-material here, but I cannot help to feel queasy, when somebody forces his company on me, no matter how nice he would be. ´

Last in the Spinster and Beautiful (or so they told me)… Continue reading