He seemed nice, well educated and polite. We had nice chat over the net. Then he told he had nothing in the home to eat and silly me joked about needing to order the pizza. He wanted to meet me over lunch or dinner next day. I am no follower of the rule book – yet the invitation surprised me. Continue reading


Love Shy

My problem with men has been a special kind of shyness or social fear. I am afraid of sexual chemistry and behind it are my bad experiences. I know it makes me difficult to interpret, because I am not otherwise excessively shy. It often happens that men I am not interested in find me easier to approach than those that I find fascinating. It usually take time to trust and feel comfortable around them, but most men are not that patient and I can understand them. Continue reading

Long Time No Seen (or Digging up Some Old Dirt)

It has been ages I’ve written. “Nothing has really happen”, I think in my low moments and yet, when I talked to a friend she commented that I am having more bustle than years before. Maybe I have, but I still consider it nothing. I feel like being properly on the self, if you could call it like that. I’ve been feeling hopeless for while … Continue reading

The Model of the Parents’ Union

I filled in a questionnaire on partnership issues. There were some questions that made me think. Both me and my sister have emotional relationship issues – although we have reacted in different ways towards our childhood. 

I wonder what impact does parents union have on our view of relationship. It is in the end what we’ve experienced when we were growing up. We might have seen something of the unions of our uncles and aunts, maybe also of our grandparents and cousins, or we might not, depending how open our family is. Yet there are usually few other role models as people don’t show their true self towards outsiders. Continue reading

Desperately Seeking True Gentlemen

It seems to me that true Gentlemen are not in fashion. There are some guys, who act gentlemanly in front of women they are after, but behind their backs are buggers. The true gentleman first of all must truly respect and cherish women (in general), a trait that was banned by a gang of ultra-feminist in the name of absolute equality. Continue reading

Leap Day Proposals

All spisnters ready? You’ve looked your selves nice guy to propose? It is once in the four years opportunity to propose a guy – and win (depending of tradition) skirt cloth or nice pair of gloves (If he doesn’t say yes that is).  

I have to admit that I am dodger here. I could propose, but I don’t know any one at the moment, I’d wish to say yes. Pathetic, Isin’t it? Put all you other: go for it at February 29th.

Marriage Proposals by Women: Tips and Is Trend Really for Leap Year Only?

Very Spinsterish Anti-Valentine e-Card

“Destined to die alone
in a room heavy whit
the tang of cat wee.”

Continue reading