The Mythical Susy the Homemaker

In the past most women stayed home and just took care of the house-keeping and babies, right? It would be most natural to mommies to stay home and take care kids now too? It depends how long past do you want to go and what kind of society do you want to dig in to. And especially it depends on the class. Continue reading


How Capricorn am I?

For celebrating Friday something silly: I used to write about, how the Capricorn description does not fit me in Horoscope According to an Abnormal Capricorn – so now I found a funny test to confirm this: Continue reading

Blogspotting: Recycling Something Old

I will now share whit you this old posting by Avanoo that pops up in my-comments once in a while. Since 9 months it was originally posted it has (slightly irritatingly) collected comments infrequently up-to now. So I am now sharing this thought provoking posting whit you too: The Science Is Clear: Marriage Should Be Eradicated

I said 9 months ago: Science is never clear… Continue reading

Kissing is Relative

Although most of us consider kissing part of common romantic behaviour, it isn’t so in all cultures. It is not long since Japanese considered kissing strange and exotic erotic technique professed by the wordly women. Continue reading

Shyness is not Unsexy (in Men)

There are a lot of shy men – and many people sadly consider shyness as a short of charachter flaw. I’ve known several shy men and I don’t consider shyness as a huge defecet. In fact the shy ones are often the nice ones and they may have quite a charachter under their shy exterior. Continue reading

Old Men’s Darling?

Last friday was strange. Let us start from beginning – or at least something that I believe was the beginning. So I bought digi-camera and for the lack of things to photograph took some photos of my self. I looked at those photos and realised the expression I’d felt as neutral was in fact a bit sour – and the expression that I already tought was smiling was more or less neutral. I suppose I’ve been a bit lazy smiler. Continue reading

Something extra: 8 random things

Whatever will I tell you I’ve not yet told? Thanks modobs.

Let me pay this forward to globetrotteri, jeanclairedy, mr. maverick roak, datingguy, Billy and BD. If you are still listening…

And then to my list: Continue reading