Can’t I have at least some criteria for men?

 They say that single women are too demanding, what comes to the men. We are blinded by the princess-dreams and prince-charmings, which we have been exposed since the tender childhood’s fairy-tales. Continue reading


Few Cracks in “Love”

I “enjoyed” a little disappointment last weekend – a small heartbroke.  Or at least I felt it could not be huge, as I had not right to any huge thing. When at last I can tell something happening in this field, it is disappointing. Continue reading

Childhood Ideas of Love

Somehow this was somehow fitting in with the childish subjects: I was reading this little hilarious book of kids thoughts about love, and that made me think about what me and my friends thought about love, when we were kids.

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Let’s Be Kind Towards Ourselves

The big problem whit depression, fear and timidity is that they all make us feel less worthy due to them. We are anxious about the fear, feel blue about the depression and are ashamed about timidity. It is an awful cycle. Yet they are often just part of sensitive personality and much easier to deal whit if we give us the right to be as we are. Continue reading

The Magical Soul-Mate

Many of us are looking for the one and only true love. There seems to be an idea of predesignated lover meant just for one, mach made in heaven. Even otherwise scientific and even sceptical people seem to believe in that. We are looking for someone sharing our views of life and world. Continue reading

Option: Ready-Made-Family

When I was younger I dreamed about strong man, knight that is, white wedding dress and three children of my own. When I grew older my expectations changed. I could raise others children too, couldn’t I…

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Curse of Bluestockings

Can woman be more intelligent? This is one of the classical relationship questions. There is two sides of answer: can men accept more intelligent women and can women accept less intelligent men. And what is the amount of difference can be tolerated? I’ll concentrate here on the first side of the question. Continue reading