After Valentine’s Day Blogspotting

I red these today morning. Yesterday I spend mostly shopping romantic books from the sale – and not thinking Valentines day that much.


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OK. This is too good to not to share: Why Men Should Say No to Sex – Ewan is surprising me again. You should also read the discussion.

Blogspotting October 2007

October is coming to its end soon, so:

Darkspell wrote intersting posting Love at First Sight … is it really?
Ewan gave a great answer to: How Often Am I Supposed To Call My Girlfriend? 
Modobs published the tought provoking I’m not in love….
And I loved the Charming but Single’s In your gut about knowing the right man. About that also in Chikspeak: How Do You Know When You’ve Met “The One?”
This is also a bit old, but the comments are worth it: Okay to pass off a fake engagement ring?

Blogspotting: Recycling Something Old

I will now share whit you this old posting by Avanoo that pops up in my-comments once in a while. Since 9 months it was originally posted it has (slightly irritatingly) collected comments infrequently up-to now. So I am now sharing this thought provoking posting whit you too: The Science Is Clear: Marriage Should Be Eradicated

I said 9 months ago: Science is never clear… Continue reading

Blogspotting Septemper 2007

I am feeling tired, empty headed and bored. Nothing to say really – so I go for the oldest trick in the book: tell about some great blogging I’ve red lately. Go and have fun or failing that become wise.

31 Ways To Make A Girl Smile – I espesially liked the kissing in the rain part. Very positive.

Why Do Men Act Like They’re Interested If They’re Really Not? that is how to protect your heart from players.

who…me? a housewife? about personal pros and cons of being housewife.

This is why about friends and their wedding. Nice dialogue.

I was tagged: 6(7) Bloggers to Admire

Thanks to modobs I got to promote some blogs – put it is hard…
so hard.

First of all I mostly read blogs of people that read my blog and vice versa. And I love all your blogs… and bow down for you all in different ways. Espesially: Modobs, Billy, BD and Globetrotteri, but also others. But for some extra:

1. Anne’s Food is a lovely food blog by a Swedish young woman. Delicious… And she occasionally writes about her cats too.

2.Dave on Missed manners. Don’t remember to read him very often, but he is interesting every time. Continue reading

Webspotting: Male View on Relationships

Ask Men: Dating

Some Bloggings: