Some Grazy Shopping Mania

Twice a year there is these crazy shopping fair in the local sophisticated department store. It is packed full of people, who try to buy quality stuff on sale. I hate the overcrowding, like most people, but there are some attractions I feel I cannot avoid. Continue reading


Loose Button a.k.a Loosing the Grip

One of my over-coat buttons got loose couple of weeks ago. It seems to reflect everything that is going wrong at my life at the moment. I seem to not be able to handle such a minor things as sewing my button, which I by the way can do perfectly well. Continue reading

Old and New Resolutions 2007 and 2008!

It is again time to make resolutions. How did my last years resolutions (2007) came through? And what have I decided for year coming (2008)? Continue reading

The Mythical Susy the Homemaker

In the past most women stayed home and just took care of the house-keeping and babies, right? It would be most natural to mommies to stay home and take care kids now too? It depends how long past do you want to go and what kind of society do you want to dig in to. And especially it depends on the class. Continue reading

Sleepy and Cuddly

The darkness around this time of the year makes me tired. I’d love to spend my time reading books and watching old movies cuddling whit some one – and not needing to do much more in my spare time. You may’ve noticed how my blogging has gone down, down, down…  Not many creative ideas what-so-ever. Continue reading

Working Romance

The romantic novels are full of these romantic scenes in the office – usually between the boss and a working girl. And it always ends well: the girl gets him. Chick lit has added a little a bit more critical voice in it with Bridget Jones and her unhappy affair with one boss and trying to avoid tentacles of another.

Love at the work place – a cliche that most wise women should avoid. Yet how many of us are truly wise when it comes to love. Our best intention fall apart, when interesting man walks to the scene. Continue reading

How to Wake Up without an Alarm Clock?

True Story: I usually wake myself up whit the alarm of my cell-phone. Yesterday I left it at the work and I only noticed that slightly after mid-night. I needed to wake up next morning before seven. The problem seemed big – espesially when I was not very sharp at the time. Continue reading