No Looking Back

I always blamed myself for killing the blooming romance. There have always been easier women around and usually the men around me have not been up to challange I present. I wonder if it has been partly due their own immaturity as well as mine. When they’ve started to date someone else and I’ve relaxed around them, they’ve suddenly became interested again. For me that is no-no situation. Continue reading


Excessive Daydreaming

It may sound funny, but I truly think that I should dream less and live in reality little more. The idea came to me, when I was thinking of a man I know and like. Always before I’ve let my dreams run wild: designing the family and kids, thinking up the weddings. And sometimes I have had difficulty to separate my dreams from reality. Continue reading

I Want to Fall in Love

It does not need to be fireworks nor has it have to be any crazy thing either, but I’d still love to have some electricity in the air – at least a little. I we grown wise enough to understand that fireworks don’t guarantee happiness, but I don’t want it clinical either as it felt like, when I was for short while active in the Internet dating world. Continue reading

Please don’t ever Propose me at the Valentines!

There is just this one wish I have for man who ever is going to propose me. I don’t mind how he does it (but might have notice that my taste is not for romantic cliches…) but please would you not propose me at Valentines. It is so old and corny. Continue reading

A Dream Man

I see a lot of dreams and I often remember them for a while and sometimes even longer. It depends on their meaning. Few nights ago I saw a dream of a guy I used to know couple of years back. He was some kind of a colleague and I did not know him that well then, but after my dream I have not been able to stop thinking him. Continue reading

Old and New Resolutions 2007 and 2008!

It is again time to make resolutions. How did my last years resolutions (2007) came through? And what have I decided for year coming (2008)? Continue reading

My Role Models: Calvin

Well I am not sure if he is a role model excatly. It is just that he reminds me so much of me at his age and little younger. I wonder if my boys would be just like him. It is hard to say just one particular thing were he is like me. Continue reading