Long Time Not Seen

Yes, I have been away for long time. I got tired of the blog and felt I had nothing to say to you. The pause have  helped me to collect my vits and I hope I have more to tell you in near future. This Year has so far offered its ups and downs – and even adventures.


I was in a Regency Mood

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Generation Gap: Blogging

Few weeks ago couple of my older colleagues discussed about blogging. While I see blogging liberating thing, because I am able to express myself anonymously, they felt it like a loosing privacy. For sure this is a very public diary, but writing diary is rather lonely thing, when nobody is never going to respond for your thought and feelings. Blogging for me is essentially social upgrade for diary. Continue reading

Spinster Blog Year Ago: Mar07

The best of the month:

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No Rush to be a Mother

Confessions of Maybe the Worst Domestic Goddess in the World
Girl Feeling Giraffe (Traumas of Tall Woman)
Curse of Bluestockings

Odd Romantic Couples
The Magical Soul-Mate
The Slow Love

Spinsterblog Year Ago: Feb07

Best of the February 2007:

Can Men and Women be True Friends?
Who Wants to be the Knight in the Shining Armor?
“I love you, I need you!” or Why I Missed Calm Men in Italy & its sister posting: “Do Blonds Really Like Have More Fun?”
Single Girl’s Strategies to Avoid Empty Home
No Lace – Spinster in the Bridal Fair
Eavesdropping in a Bus of young men talking about cars and love.

The Year of Spinster

I’ve now finished the first year of this blog. [I wrote my first postings Hello People! and Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar exactly a year ago: 18th of January 2007.] A bit of ups and downs. Many of my readers have disappeared and others appeared.  In early January I broke my 20000 visitors of which over 10% visited Some “Stupid Girls”, or are they?. Occasionally I’ve wished I had not written about them. Continue reading

Being nice…

I am not so sure about myself being so nice – especially lately, but here it comes: I got “The Nice Matters Award” from Modobs and I am sharing it whit 7 others as asked.

This is award for: those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”.

Continue reading