He seemed nice, well educated and polite. We had nice chat over the net. Then he told he had nothing in the home to eat and silly me joked about needing to order the pizza. He wanted to meet me over lunch or dinner next day. I am no follower of the rule book – yet the invitation surprised me. Continue reading


Men with Rebutations (and Women Who Date Them)

Now there are men that don’t seem to be able to stay loyal to their women. You may guess what I am talking about: Jude Law. He is cute and so unreliable. What is it in women, that makes them believe they can be the ones to reform the rakes. He has already that long reputation of being a gambler. Continue reading

Surfing in the Office Time

I know I should not. At the moment I am angry for myself and I suppose I am writing this for that reason. I am sabotasing myself, because I am tired of our office policies and my boring work. I feel chained doing something that I don’t like to. As the work at the moment is major factor in my life, I feel frustrated and rebel by doing things I should not and not doing my work. Continue reading

Blogspotting: Recycling Something Old

I will now share whit you this old posting by Avanoo that pops up in my-comments once in a while. Since 9 months it was originally posted it has (slightly irritatingly) collected comments infrequently up-to now. So I am now sharing this thought provoking posting whit you too: The Science Is Clear: Marriage Should Be Eradicated

I said 9 months ago: Science is never clear… Continue reading

Thin Line between Reality and Jealousy

When I was young our youth leader lady told us girls to watch out for sickly jealous men (and no I was not in pioneers or anything such). She had some friend, who had gone through hard time. Lately I’ve red a lot of postings and discussions over cheating. What is to cheat? Who has cheated whom? Why do I always meet cheating women? Continue reading

Strange Things Happen

One evening I got a call from a short of cousin of mine I’d not seen for some years, He was in the city and wanted to drink one bear. It did not feel comfortable from the beginning. It was strangest meeting ever. Continue reading

Relationship qualities

I wrote last week about the qualifications for the partner. When we think about a partner there are a lot of qualifications that are rather superficial. Yet I can list few qualifications, that I think are necessary for any (romantic) relationship. Continue reading