My Bitter-Sweet Blueberry Nights

We went to see the movie (My Blueberry Nights) whit my friend, who did not like it that much, because she said it is not likely to get such a handsome guy anymore (Jude Law) and thought it cheesy. I had seen it more like a story of love and lost – and journey of getting over. (Of course the Hollywood stars are pretty – they are not real life). Continue reading


Kissing is Relative

Although most of us consider kissing part of common romantic behaviour, it isn’t so in all cultures. It is not long since Japanese considered kissing strange and exotic erotic technique professed by the wordly women. Continue reading

Thin Line between Reality and Jealousy

When I was young our youth leader lady told us girls to watch out for sickly jealous men (and no I was not in pioneers or anything such). She had some friend, who had gone through hard time. Lately I’ve red a lot of postings and discussions over cheating. What is to cheat? Who has cheated whom? Why do I always meet cheating women? Continue reading

Really Have to Tell You These: Men and Filmstars

One of these real-life stories came up in blog-conversation with Modobs and in my mind it led to another… Sometimes real life is funnier than jokes – at least the first story. So this is about men, fancying the celebs and the double standards. Continue reading

High Fidelity or “Now They Admit It”

I was sick and watched old movies – at least the movies that were old in my catecory, including High Fidelity (2000?). I went throught the extras and in them John Cusack (one of the co-writers and producers of the movie as well as the key actor) commented on imperfect hero. He said that women had loved the guy, because he was honest: “Now they admit it…” Continue reading

Few Cracks in “Love”

I “enjoyed” a little disappointment last weekend – a small heartbroke.  Or at least I felt it could not be huge, as I had not right to any huge thing. When at last I can tell something happening in this field, it is disappointing. Continue reading

Working Romance

The romantic novels are full of these romantic scenes in the office – usually between the boss and a working girl. And it always ends well: the girl gets him. Chick lit has added a little a bit more critical voice in it with Bridget Jones and her unhappy affair with one boss and trying to avoid tentacles of another.

Love at the work place – a cliche that most wise women should avoid. Yet how many of us are truly wise when it comes to love. Our best intention fall apart, when interesting man walks to the scene. Continue reading