Desperately Seeking True Gentlemen

It seems to me that true Gentlemen are not in fashion. There are some guys, who act gentlemanly in front of women they are after, but behind their backs are buggers. The true gentleman first of all must truly respect and cherish women (in general), a trait that was banned by a gang of ultra-feminist in the name of absolute equality. Continue reading


Very Spinsterish Anti-Valentine e-Card

“Destined to die alone
in a room heavy whit
the tang of cat wee.”

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Help! They Try to Pick Me Up

I don’t know, if I am overly sensitive or something, but I don’t like men trying to pick me up, when I am walking on the street or something. Yes, yes I know I am again spinster-material here, but I cannot help to feel queasy, when somebody forces his company on me, no matter how nice he would be. ´

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Future Heartbrakers

There was these small dark boys about 10 or 12 years old or maybe slightly older. I was wondering whether one of them was of Indian origin, because he had the looks, when they started to try to whistle after me. I say try, because it was more like huffing and puffing. It made me smile. Continue reading

Looking for a Dream Girl in the net

Guy saw a girl in a train and draw a picture describing her, and ended up finding her. Visit the site:

And men are not romantic?

The Photo Challenge

Modobs tagged me again: You go to the google images and write your name /alias and see what you get.

First I got me:


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Really Have to Tell You These: Men and Filmstars

One of these real-life stories came up in blog-conversation with Modobs and in my mind it led to another… Sometimes real life is funnier than jokes – at least the first story. So this is about men, fancying the celebs and the double standards. Continue reading