Why do you feel that you need a mate?

Somebody asked me this question in this blog for a while ago.

I don’t think it is a question of need. I can do without a mate. I might feel more satisfied with a family, but I am rather happy with my life as it is. In fact relationships (with men) usually make me feel frustrated and uncomfortable. Continue reading


The Question of Older Men

When I was in my twenties I would have not even considered dating some one over five years older than me. But when you get older, the prospects get less good and you suddenly start to see around older, rather exiting men. Occasionally you look around and most men of my age are either not interested or not interesting and then you start looking towards older men. Continue reading

Do You Need to Prove Your Love?

He wants you to skip important meeting to be with him. She needs to talk to you in the middle of the night. He wants you to grow longer hair. She is whining every time (and that is not often) you want to spend night out with pals. Continue reading

Please don’t ever Propose me at the Valentines!

There is just this one wish I have for man who ever is going to propose me. I don’t mind how he does it (but might have notice that my taste is not for romantic cliches…) but please would you not propose me at Valentines. It is so old and corny. Continue reading

Very Spinsterish Anti-Valentine e-Card

“Destined to die alone
in a room heavy whit
the tang of cat wee.”

Continue reading

Spinsters Valentine

Somebody searched for Valentines day and Spinster. Due to it and because I am in the very different mood than I was year ago (solemly against this kind of forced celebrating that creates angst among single people) I intend to celebrate my Valentines alone whit rich chocolate and a good book – something sweetly and emotionally romantic. Continue reading

What Happens to Men?

It is not long time a go I talked whit some one how some men stay fit even, when they get old – yet some men don’t. Look at this… Continue reading