Travel Plans in the Spinsterish Mode

I am taking my mom for a holiday. Firstly: no big partying for sure. Secondly: she has bad legs, so not  necessarily much sight seeing either. She acts like a little girl asking for advice. My auntie had told her there might be cockroaches there, so we planned to take air-tight box for food. Continue reading


I’d hate to be a Burden

My mother suffered untreated depression during most of my childhood. It put a great strain both on my parents marriage and on us children. It is something that still makes me angry toward the world (but no more against my parents: they did their best). It was baby blues suffered after my brother was born and due to not been treated properly continued for years. Continue reading

Feeling Fat and Ugly

Female life. Battered ego. Today I am feeling fat – and ugly. Not bad hair day tough – saved at least from that. Before Bridget Jones I tought it was just me. She opened our eyes and mouths to talk. Continue reading

News: Lead in Lipsticks

Lipsticks contain lead, consumer group says (Reuters).

Now lipstick is something you ingest like food. Yet it does not fill requirement for food and there are no legal limits. What is even more worrying: lead is well known to be bad for skin too. Traditional powders used to made of lead that eventually ate the skin away. The mode of face-veils for older ladies was created. Continue reading

Bad-Hair-Week and Handsome Young Doctor

Due to lack of time this will be short posting I am sorry that I did not write yesterday due to toothache and certain time of the month, that kept me in the bed (at least almost: watching old movies). My last week contained a lot of different things… Continue reading

My Spring Fatigue

Strange tiredness has hit me this week. Little later in the afternoon I’ve been hit by mental and physical fatigue. Today it seems I woke up to it. I wonder weather I am sick or because I am tired of … Continue reading

My Rather Boring Life: Quiet Holiday

I really needed time to relax. My life have been hectic in many ways. It has been stressful and busy at work and me trying to recover from my light winter depression on the top of that. And then it is a year from my fathers death. Everything together was little a bit too much. Plus, I felt I was a bit addicted to Internet in general and blogging in particular, and decided to keep a little break. Now it feels better. Continue reading