Kissing is Relative

Although most of us consider kissing part of common romantic behaviour, it isn’t so in all cultures. It is not long since Japanese considered kissing strange and exotic erotic technique professed by the wordly women. Continue reading


An Age Old Question

I’ve heard the question so many times along the years: “How old are you?” And a comment after that I look much younger. Or occasionally, when I am not ready to say (you should never ask lady’s age!) people start guessing. Easily five years is dropped of in either case. And I’ve got few wrinkles. Some say it is blessing, but I am not always so sure. Continue reading

Babies from Abroad

It seems that there is growing adoption tend among celebrities and especially the foreign adoption. They seem to consider it as a form of charity. Yet there are always certain problems in foreign adoption. Continue reading

Plenty of Encounters and Little Anger

Last week was full of sudden fruitful meetings with friends and other. On the other hand I was tired due to workload and it made me a bit angry for those, who did not seem to look after their share of responsibility, although these encounters seemed to save me some-how.

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Honorary Spinster: Jane Austen

Jane Austen is as a personality suprisingly modern and as a writer timeless.   Her vivid characters and wise stories continue to inspire, as it has done for 200  years, both men and women as well.  She was not just a writer but also a thinker and one could even call her philosopher. And she is not culture relative as Bollywood-style filmatisation “Bride and Prejudice” has shown us.

She was once engaged for just a day, for it seems that the fiancé was not satisfactory for her in the end. She was tempted of having her own home, but not at any price, as so many today’s single women do as well.

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Stories of Two Indian Spinsters

This is story of two ladies I met in India. You can quess it might not be very easy choice or fate in such a traditional country, even in a rather modern metropol.
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