News Flash: Valentine’s Day Banned by Saudis

Country’s religious police forbid selling red roses and valentines day gifts, so that celebrating Valentines would not tempt people to promiscuity. 

It made me wonder, if some married couple would have anniversary now – what would the man do, when he could not by his wife roses, now forbidden. Continue reading


News Flash: Unmarried Women Voting Influences in Elections

In American democracy unmarried women hava been unused voting arsenal. It seems that they have been influencing the primary race results … Read more: Unmarried Women: The New Soccer Moms?

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News: Lead in Lipsticks

Lipsticks contain lead, consumer group says (Reuters).

Now lipstick is something you ingest like food. Yet it does not fill requirement for food and there are no legal limits. What is even more worrying: lead is well known to be bad for skin too. Traditional powders used to made of lead that eventually ate the skin away. The mode of face-veils for older ladies was created. Continue reading

News Flash: Why Women Like Kissing More?

Well this should be no news to nobody. The first season of Friends over decade ago already stated: while kissing is for men just a prelude for the intercourse for women it meens more. (And men should kiss more if they want to gain the points…) Well for women kissing is a bonding prosess. Continue reading

News Flash: Crossword Proposal

A crossword fan proposed her girlfriend by ordering special puzzle on magazine – read more: Crossword Puzzle Solved With A Hitch.

Really Have to Tell You These: Men and Filmstars

One of these real-life stories came up in blog-conversation with Modobs and in my mind it led to another… Sometimes real life is funnier than jokes – at least the first story. So this is about men, fancying the celebs and the double standards. Continue reading

High Fidelity or “Now They Admit It”

I was sick and watched old movies – at least the movies that were old in my catecory, including High Fidelity (2000?). I went throught the extras and in them John Cusack (one of the co-writers and producers of the movie as well as the key actor) commented on imperfect hero. He said that women had loved the guy, because he was honest: “Now they admit it…” Continue reading