On the Cranky Mood (about Selfishness)

It all started, when I red from the Dr. Phil’s page that men are biologically destined to be selfish. Men often complain about women being greedy, but the real life studies shows that men use more money to their own convenience (like nice gadgets), while women usually invest towards home and family. Women also do most of the house work (the so called men’s jobs do take usually quite a little time in average). Continue reading


Not Fitting in His Pocket

Stereotypical woman eats like a bird and has a birds mind. She is sweet and innocent, small, short and young. She fits in a man’s pocket. Many men are still looking for this kind of woman to puff up their fragile masculinity. Yet not many are ready to admit it. The fault must be woman’s, if she doesn’t fit in the stereotype. Continue reading

Status Relationship or Marriage as a Merit

They get a partner, because they are supposed to. They get married, because it looks good and they want children because they are status symbols. Before it was only boys, but today it does not matter that much, or does it? Continue reading

Babies from Abroad

It seems that there is growing adoption tend among celebrities and especially the foreign adoption. They seem to consider it as a form of charity. Yet there are always certain problems in foreign adoption. Continue reading

Benefits of Spinsterhood: Freedom for Weekend Shopping Mania

We all (women) have our own shopping patterns and mine is kind of manic: I buy a lot of at one go. This weekend I spent a huge amount of money (for me) – don’t dare to think. I’m lucky that now no one else is going to complain about it.

Continue reading

Buy and Be Bought in Relationships

There are men to try to win women over by flash of money, and there are women, who go on with that. Whether it is expensive gifts or dinners or something else where money plays a part, it should not be used as reason of dating nor to lure anybody in the relationship. Yet there is constant trade of money, beauty and false affection. Continue reading