I Want to Fall in Love

It does not need to be fireworks nor has it have to be any crazy thing either, but I’d still love to have some electricity in the air – at least a little. I we grown wise enough to understand that fireworks don’t guarantee happiness, but I don’t want it clinical either as it felt like, when I was for short while active in the Internet dating world. Continue reading


Isin’t Getting Rejected Always Man’s Fault?

Just before the Easter I suddenly got plenty of traffic from strange source called rsd-nation. It was a male discussion forum and the writer linked to “Too picky or too shy” – and commented: “Does this mean that getting rejected is not always our fault? YES! 😀 “. Did you guys really think that women are some kind of robots that if you press the right buttons you always get “yes”? Continue reading

Further Observations of the Net-Dating-Virgin: Internet Dating Feels a Little Clinical to Me

Few days ago I wrote about wondering how some one can fall in a couple of paragraphs of the profile and noted I could not. Internet dating in fact, whit-out meeting the person in question in reality, feels little clinical to me. One is picking the perfect combination of qualities and feels picky – because the real thing: do I like how he behaves and does chemistry work don’t translate in the black letters in the screen. Continue reading

Further Confession of Net-Dating-Virgin: Falling Love with a Profile?

As you might have heard I wrote a profile in a Internet dating page, where you don’t see a picture right away – only after the other one gives you permission. Whit-out seeing a picture and and me writing much more than three paragraphs of my profile, one man told me (repeatedly) that he had fallen in love with my profile. Continue reading

Confessions of Net-Dating-Virgin

I confess I did it. I wrote nice little profile in quite specific dating service my friend had used before (and not found her guy there). I just wanted to include some men in my life and possibly date. I was as honest as possible. Let me see I wrote something like hating washing dishes and being a dreamer, but surprisingly it did not seem to scare men off. Continue reading

Desperately Seeking True Gentlemen

It seems to me that true Gentlemen are not in fashion. There are some guys, who act gentlemanly in front of women they are after, but behind their backs are buggers. The true gentleman first of all must truly respect and cherish women (in general), a trait that was banned by a gang of ultra-feminist in the name of absolute equality. Continue reading

Suddenly Justice Just Doesen’t Matter

I don’t care about the people who harassed me. I have no energy for them. For long time I was angry, but at the moment it is more important to get back to the life. It is more important to be able to get over my fears. Continue reading