Few Cracks in “Love”

I “enjoyed” a little disappointment last weekend – a small heartbroke.  Or at least I felt it could not be huge, as I had not right to any huge thing. When at last I can tell something happening in this field, it is disappointing. Continue reading


Status Relationship or Marriage as a Merit

They get a partner, because they are supposed to. They get married, because it looks good and they want children because they are status symbols. Before it was only boys, but today it does not matter that much, or does it? Continue reading

Let’s Be Kind Towards Ourselves

The big problem whit depression, fear and timidity is that they all make us feel less worthy due to them. We are anxious about the fear, feel blue about the depression and are ashamed about timidity. It is an awful cycle. Yet they are often just part of sensitive personality and much easier to deal whit if we give us the right to be as we are. Continue reading

No Rush to be a Mother

I’ve had few spinster friends desperately wanting to become mothers. They don’t necessary long so much for the man, than for children (not necessary very healthy approach, I know).

People are getting more and more sensibility in treating couples with no children, but spinsters are still treated as if they would not understand to get children in time them selves and it seems to be common idea that they should be reminded often. Continue reading

Single Girl’s Strategies to Avoid Empty Home

When I go home it is empty. Sometimes after busy day that is good. Other times it is bad. There is several (free or affordable) things to do, when you don’t like to go home, and don’t fancy sitting alone in the bar. Here are some of my strategies.

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How to Become Lonely Hedgehog Lady

Daily I am finding more spinsterish characters in myself. That makes me slightly worried.

I am pretty allergic for cats. I like them, but can’t really live them, at least in a small apartment, like mine. I would really like to have some animal to cuddle. I have been considering hedgehog, for certain reasons.
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Media: Spinster Stereotypes in Cinema

Our culture is based on the role of woman as a mother and wife. The cultural view of the spinster has been sinister. Later the change in society and erosion of nuclear family has forced the industry to update the stereotype.
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