End of the Year 2008

Most of the second half of 2008 my life evolve around work (a lot of new and stressful things), my mother (who I’ve been worried about) and my god daughter, who will soon be half year old. I have to admit I am besotted. She is a little darling. Continue reading


Why do you feel that you need a mate?

Somebody asked me this question in this blog for a while ago.

I don’t think it is a question of need. I can do without a mate. I might feel more satisfied with a family, but I am rather happy with my life as it is. In fact relationships (with men) usually make me feel frustrated and uncomfortable. Continue reading

Who Are Your Family?

Who do you consider to be part of your family? Is it your spouse or partner, your children and maybe stepchildren, who are living with you. I have heard a definition that family are the people using the same fridge. I am the only one using my fridge. According this definition, I’d be my only family. Rather lonely family in my opinion. Continue reading

I Want to Fall in Love

It does not need to be fireworks nor has it have to be any crazy thing either, but I’d still love to have some electricity in the air – at least a little. I we grown wise enough to understand that fireworks don’t guarantee happiness, but I don’t want it clinical either as it felt like, when I was for short while active in the Internet dating world. Continue reading

In the Meanwhile (for only those curious of my whereabouts)

While I feel like nothing has happened, during the time I was away from here, there has been those moments. First I’ve heard that I’ll be godmother. He/She should born one of these days. I like children and while not having any of my own godchild is a good substitute. I have felt little left out in fact, because many of my friends have had plenty of godkids. This is my first. Although one old friend (long time not seen) told me that she could have written the same story: for years no godchildren and then in the few years several. I wonder… Continue reading

Panicking over Fertility

Just an year ago I wrote about not being in a hurry to become mother. Last weekend I found myself panicking about potential menopause. I know it was silly and it probably has not started yet, but my curses were light and I was quite warm (although I wore plenty of clothing) and some how it came to my mind that it might have begun. Continue reading

Further Observations of the Net-Dating-Virgin: Internet Dating Feels a Little Clinical to Me

Few days ago I wrote about wondering how some one can fall in a couple of paragraphs of the profile and noted I could not. Internet dating in fact, whit-out meeting the person in question in reality, feels little clinical to me. One is picking the perfect combination of qualities and feels picky – because the real thing: do I like how he behaves and does chemistry work don’t translate in the black letters in the screen. Continue reading