Read This

OK. This is too good to not to share: Why Men Should Say No to Sex – Ewan is surprising me again. You should also read the discussion.


Strange Things Happen

One evening I got a call from a short of cousin of mine I’d not seen for some years, He was in the city and wanted to drink one bear. It did not feel comfortable from the beginning. It was strangest meeting ever. Continue reading

Really Have to Tell You These: Men and Filmstars

One of these real-life stories came up in blog-conversation with Modobs and in my mind it led to another… Sometimes real life is funnier than jokes – at least the first story. So this is about men, fancying the celebs and the double standards. Continue reading

Old Men’s Darling?

Last friday was strange. Let us start from beginning – or at least something that I believe was the beginning. So I bought digi-camera and for the lack of things to photograph took some photos of my self. I looked at those photos and realised the expression I’d felt as neutral was in fact a bit sour – and the expression that I already tought was smiling was more or less neutral. I suppose I’ve been a bit lazy smiler. Continue reading

Words can Hurt and Heal

You remember those comments for years to come. They are encraved to your heart. It might have been light comment thrown in the spurr of moment, but it left the lasting marks in you. Yet there are some good comments that suprisingly make a lasting impact in  seconds. Continue reading