Why Are We Making It So Difficult?

Fifty year ago marrying was simple business – people met and got married. Then they lived simply together until the end of their lives. If they ended up divorcing behind of it was something very difficult, like family violence, cheating or heavy drinking. Continue reading


Future Ex-Wife

Yesterday I was standing in the line checkout line behind two young men of about 20 years of age. Other one started to talk about his “future ex-wife” and noted that he did not intend to be married forever. He did not seem like a hard person as in fact he was quite polite towards me. Continue reading

Sweet Imperfection

There is point in every relationship, where you have to admit that person you are in love with is not perfect. You start to see him or her as she or he really is. That is the moment of truth, because it decides whether you can really love that person or not. I feel that it’s the moment, where the truth is measured and you have to give up the dream partner and get to know the real person. Continue reading

Generation Gap: Blogging

Few weeks ago couple of my older colleagues discussed about blogging. While I see blogging liberating thing, because I am able to express myself anonymously, they felt it like a loosing privacy. For sure this is a very public diary, but writing diary is rather lonely thing, when nobody is never going to respond for your thought and feelings. Blogging for me is essentially social upgrade for diary. Continue reading

Brand New Baby Girl

I am unofficially a God mother (- it will be official only after the babtism of course). The baby girl was born couple of weeks ago and after it we had a slight worry with her blood sugar levels, but now everything is fine. I am happy for them and part of me wants to throw a party and another part of me wants to pamper her to rots. Continue reading

A Spinster Theory: Being Grumpy

Ok, first a warning: there are not even vague scientific grounds on this.

I have noticed the growing acidness on my temper. I wonder if it has anything to do with absence of men from my life (or maybe of absence of sleep lately, but that is not as fun to wonder). I once red a theory that male fragrance – or should I say sweat – makes women relax. Now this had something to do with getting girls on the mood after guys coming from the hunting trips and before going for another. Now ladies that are fussed are usually hard to get on the mood. Yet I have been lately wondering if this has something to do with less mellow attitude of many spinsters. Continue reading

In the Meanwhile (for only those curious of my whereabouts)

While I feel like nothing has happened, during the time I was away from here, there has been those moments. First I’ve heard that I’ll be godmother. He/She should born one of these days. I like children and while not having any of my own godchild is a good substitute. I have felt little left out in fact, because many of my friends have had plenty of godkids. This is my first. Although one old friend (long time not seen) told me that she could have written the same story: for years no godchildren and then in the few years several. I wonder… Continue reading