Webspotting New Years Resolutions

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Webspotting: Marriage and women

I am a spinster, but occasionally I think about, what would it be like, if I changed the status – and would it be worth it. So I’ve collected some links:

The Five Mistakes Married Women Make financially speaking.

Careers And Marriage

Unhappy Marriage Raises Women’s Heart Risk      Continue reading

Webspotting: Understanding Men

Are they Martians? Can we understand them? Some ideas:

Men Are Human Too

Guy Decoder

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News Flash: Crossword Proposal

A crossword fan proposed her girlfriend by ordering special puzzle on magazine – read more: Crossword Puzzle Solved With A Hitch.

Webspotting: Questions before marriage

Have you ever met those couples that have broken up for some practical reason, they should have figured out much before marriage, like whether they both are wanting kids or where each wants to live…

Here are some lists of things to think before you take the step.

The Ten Most Important Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Twenty Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying

Questions to ask a prospective husband

Webspotting: Male View on Relationships

Ask Men: Dating

Some Bloggings:

Spinster Webspotting

Some interesting pieces of reading I found from the web:

I wrote previously about: Can Men and Women Be Friends? Now you can read more about: how cross gender friendship is tricky, but beneficial for both.

And the surprising found: Chocolate ‘more exciting than kissing’ and we believed it was only good for our hearts ?? Continue reading