Why Are We Making It So Difficult?

Fifty year ago marrying was simple business – people met and got married. Then they lived simply together until the end of their lives. If they ended up divorcing behind of it was something very difficult, like family violence, cheating or heavy drinking. Continue reading


My Little Sis is Now 30

And as she is few years younger than I am, I don’t even want to think what that makes me… She is spinster in making, but I have to say she has shown the sings for years. (Please don’t take this too seriously!) Continue reading

The Truth in Old Photos

It is revealing to see old photos. After decades one can watch them almost as an outsider, while it is otherwise impossible to dive in the past as it was. You only know it through your emotional memories. The photos are revealing a frozen past. Continue reading

Brand New Baby Girl

I am unofficially a God mother (- it will be official only after the babtism of course). The baby girl was born couple of weeks ago and after it we had a slight worry with her blood sugar levels, but now everything is fine. I am happy for them and part of me wants to throw a party and another part of me wants to pamper her to rots. Continue reading

A Spinster Theory: Being Grumpy

Ok, first a warning: there are not even vague scientific grounds on this.

I have noticed the growing acidness on my temper. I wonder if it has anything to do with absence of men from my life (or maybe of absence of sleep lately, but that is not as fun to wonder). I once red a theory that male fragrance – or should I say sweat – makes women relax. Now this had something to do with getting girls on the mood after guys coming from the hunting trips and before going for another. Now ladies that are fussed are usually hard to get on the mood. Yet I have been lately wondering if this has something to do with less mellow attitude of many spinsters. Continue reading

I Want to Fall in Love

It does not need to be fireworks nor has it have to be any crazy thing either, but I’d still love to have some electricity in the air – at least a little. I we grown wise enough to understand that fireworks don’t guarantee happiness, but I don’t want it clinical either as it felt like, when I was for short while active in the Internet dating world. Continue reading

Men with Rebutations (and Women Who Date Them)

Now there are men that don’t seem to be able to stay loyal to their women. You may guess what I am talking about: Jude Law. He is cute and so unreliable. What is it in women, that makes them believe they can be the ones to reform the rakes. He has already that long reputation of being a gambler. Continue reading