In the Meanwhile (for only those curious of my whereabouts)

While I feel like nothing has happened, during the time I was away from here, there has been those moments. First I’ve heard that I’ll be godmother. He/She should born one of these days. I like children and while not having any of my own godchild is a good substitute. I have felt little left out in fact, because many of my friends have had plenty of godkids. This is my first. Although one old friend (long time not seen) told me that she could have written the same story: for years no godchildren and then in the few years several. I wonder… Continue reading


Surfing in the Office Time

I know I should not. At the moment I am angry for myself and I suppose I am writing this for that reason. I am sabotasing myself, because I am tired of our office policies and my boring work. I feel chained doing something that I don’t like to. As the work at the moment is major factor in my life, I feel frustrated and rebel by doing things I should not and not doing my work. Continue reading

The Mythical Susy the Homemaker

In the past most women stayed home and just took care of the house-keeping and babies, right? It would be most natural to mommies to stay home and take care kids now too? It depends how long past do you want to go and what kind of society do you want to dig in to. And especially it depends on the class. Continue reading

My Role Models: Audrey Hepburn

I’ve been writing quite a bit about role models. I got an idea to write about my personal role models – especially women that have made an impact on me. (But maybe also some men and maybe cartoon characters too, later…)

I was just thinking about the women that age beautifully and Audrey came to my mind. It made me think, how I respect her as an actor, woman and human being. First when one thinks about A.H. style comes to ones mind. Then follows her kind personality,  her beautiful behaviour, her modesty and her efforts for UNICEF and children. Continue reading

Sheepish of the Sour-mood

Low life in my male front – not that it is very busy anyway, but even more silent than usually. Probably my own fault. Yet it makes me cranky. I realised this especially few weeks ago, although signs have been on the wall for longer while. I suppose it is even worst after spring was kind of better than for a while (not wild tough). Lately I’ve been thinking how unfair it is to take my dissatisfaction on others. Continue reading

Not Fitting in His Pocket

Stereotypical woman eats like a bird and has a birds mind. She is sweet and innocent, small, short and young. She fits in a man’s pocket. Many men are still looking for this kind of woman to puff up their fragile masculinity. Yet not many are ready to admit it. The fault must be woman’s, if she doesn’t fit in the stereotype. Continue reading

Office Summer Party

I decided to write only after the party (you can notice that not very late in my case) if something would happen… Like pigs have wings … Continue reading