I found that the themes of my blog start to be difficult to find.  Here are some of my earliest bloggins January –  June 2007. I will update it later.

I, The Spinster

I’d rather not Become Mean Old Woman

Silly Spinster Action or How to Freeze Men Efficiently

How to Become Lonely Hedgehog Lady

Why Would Anybody Wan’t to Call Her-self Spinster?

Single Girl’s Strategies to Avoid Empty Home

Confessions of Maybe the Worst Domestic Goddess in the World

Girl Feeling Giraffe (Traumas of Tall Woman)

No Rush to be a Mother

Never Been Truly Desperate Since

Curse of Bluestockings

Cloudy Skies in the Male Front

Few Cracks in “Love”

Bad-Hair-Week and Handsome Young Doctor

Office Summer Party

The Spinsterhood in General

Media: Spinster by Choice

Media: Spinster Stereotypes in Cinema

Stories of Two Indian Spinsters 

Happy Valentine! Or is it? (+links)

Honorary Spinster: Jane Austen

Spinster Joke

Why Spinster and Bachelor?

Benefits of Spinsterhood: Freedom for Weekend Shopping Mania

Spinsterhood as Silent Rebellion?

Men and Women and all kind of Relationships

Can Men and Women be True Friends?

Man or Girl-friends? Who Matters Most?

“Do Blonds Really Like Have More Fun?”

What Should One Think About Marriage?

Buy and Be Bought in Relationships

Odd Romantic Couples

Option: Ready-Made-Family

The Slow Love

The Magical Soul-Mate

Clinging on Others – Childish Affairs

Childhood Ideas of Love

Status Relationship or Marriage as a Merit

Relationship qualities

Words can Hurt and Heal

Friends’ Weddings

No Lace – Spinster in the Bridal Fair

Planning of the Hen Night Has Begun

Orienteering for Marriage

Just One Minor Mess

What I think about Men?

Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar

Who Wants to be the Knight in the Shining Armor?

“I love you, I need you!” or Why I Missed Calm Men in Italy

First Sings of Spring are Flirting Men

Loving Clowns

Don’t You Just Love Those Little Faults?

Can’t I have at least some criteria for men?

Webspotting and Blogspotting

Spinster Webspotting

Spinster Blogspotting May 2007

Spinster Blogspotting May 2007 II

Webspotting: Male View on Relationships

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