5 words of me: tender-hearted, unpunctual, (day-)dreamer, timid but chatty

I am about 30 year old single woman living in the Scandinavia, Northern Europe. I believe in family values, commitment and that women and men can be in friendly relationships – and don’t have to be in war with each other. I also believe that in the long run the relationships require a lot of work. Deep down I am a romantic, although rather sensible one.

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Some relationship questions:

Q: Would you give cheater a second change?
I believe in respect and forgiveness. A lot depends on how the cheater behaves and does he truly seem regretful. Also the amount of cheating is crucial: was it just one time, was it longer time or has it been repeated in different occasions. I believe that honesty is important, so the cheating is not so easily continued. It hurts anyhow, but is better than it comes out right away.

Q: Would you move because of Love?
This is also an important question. If the sacrifice would not be great: I could keep up connection with friends and would find meaningful doing either work or something else. But if my partner would require me to leave everything and there would be nothing for me, I have to admit I would think twice. I don’t think it is fair that only one partner makes amendments in the relationship and sacrifices her life for another.

Q: Would you rather have a good looking boyfriend that’s stupid or a ugly one who’s smart?
Smart rather than handsome, if one has to choose. Looks don’t matter on man that much anyhow. Ugly men can be fascinating too.

Q: Do you want kids?
Varies from day to day. Depends how I feel on having responsibilities. With the right guy I suppose yes. I like children, just wonder my own abilities to raise them.

Q: What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Smile, I’ve been told.

Q: Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Some Questions of Personality:

Q: What gives you Pleasure in Life?
I love to have dialogue with different kind of people. Especially discussions with friends give me enjoyment. I always like a good story whether in the form of friendly gossip, thoughtful poem, good book, vivid painting or enjoyable film.

Q: Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great?
I’ll be 10 minutes late and scarcely look descent. That’s me.

Q: Snooze button or jump out of bed?
Snooze button several time on the row. Bad – bad habit.

Q: What would you like to accomplish before you die?
Write a book, get married and have at least two kids and preferably grand children to dote. Travel genuinely around the globe in the good company – and I don’t mean any hurry-up trip.

Q: If you came with Instructions what would they say?
More timid than seems. Says what comes to her mind and don’t often mean exactly what comes out. Should be reminded early enough, if necessary to arrive in time. Occasionally very messy.

Q: What are three of your quilty pleasures?
Daydreaming, romantic novels and sweets.

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