that is “Search Engine Terms” – The best thusfar 2008: (Copied unaltered from “Search Engine Terms” for Spinster Chronicles)

rich women wanting marriage

asian nose

happy new year surfer

can you be a spinster yet be a mother? [I must comment: I don’t think so!]

love dating virgin

do women like kissing? [I must comment: Do you really need to ask?]

sexist jokes about boys

which type of girl have more fun

“men prefer brunettes”

what girl feel in marriage

why are “scandinavian women” tall

indian men like tall girls

calvin flying

how to know if a shy woman is interested

men who want you to call them everyday

confessions of fake dating profiles

how tall is an average giraffe

bitter smelling sweat

misstress kissing

old women on bicycles photos

slow kiss appreciation society

how much shorter should a woman be than

how to recognize a female player

scandinavian guys and black girls

kissing sexual parts in islam

ancient athenian wedding ceremony

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