S.E.T 2007

 “Search Engine Terms” – The best August 28th – December 12 2007: (Copied unaltered from “Search Engine Terms” for Spinster Chronicles)

Does Keanu prefers short or tall women

ugly couple picture

spinsters night

respect the girls

why am i so picky with women

“how to avoid men”

anorectic sex

stupid men

do scandinavian women like indian men

why foreign women prefer american men

past of eat

i love tall women

how to become lonely

are there tall women in italy

what is mean old age home ?

shy guys in love

toxic guys

female flash in public

“scare men ” relationships

tall and fat girl

spinster party

do italian men like older women

“get her in my bed”

how to cheer up a spinster


men and women should not be friends

Fashion fights

tall men hate tall women

scandinavian women don’t like blond men

dress “not even engaged”

sock hanger

unmarried old maid

is the women stronger than man these day

i don’t want to be a spinster

animal cross gender friendship

relationships buy love

am i too picky with women

tall women wearing heels

“european men are so much better”

thin jealous

too tall to be a woman

shy guys are better

single woman doctor

Tall women looking for shorter man

How picky is too picky when it comes to

short little men love tall women

Shy Italian Men

dear abby most women cuddle

tall women like being tall

rome anorectic

why am i so tall for a girl?

girls are stupid

He is older than me but, like, 4 inches

can a serial cheater be cured?

spinsters men

virtual love substitute

deborah mustard

why do i need a man?

why I’d rather be a woman

catholic kiss

single women bought wedding dress no man

Why are men silly?

‘The age a man settles down’

who falls in love with a capricorn woman

men should not have women friends

giraffe girl sex

winter outfit for men

granny models

chimps kissing people

to kiss a hindu married man

shy older woman

giraffe kissing


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