Love Shy

My problem with men has been a special kind of shyness or social fear. I am afraid of sexual chemistry and behind it are my bad experiences. I know it makes me difficult to interpret, because I am not otherwise excessively shy. It often happens that men I am not interested in find me easier to approach than those that I find fascinating. It usually take time to trust and feel comfortable around them, but most men are not that patient and I can understand them. Continue reading


Borderless Union (a story)

He is a charmer and she is a clinging shadow. You wonder why they are together, especially when you occasional hear her whining for him. He is charming sunny character, always in the center of the scene and for her nothing is ever right. You wonder why does he stand for her. He is fun to be around, always full of pranck and she is powerless little grey mouse in the corner of the room or preferably in the kitchen.

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Webspotting: How to Recognize Proplem Person?

While most of us are normal, there are still quite a lot of vierd people you can run in to. To avoid them you might like to check some of these – yet remember: don’t make fast interpretations. Most people – also those annoying ones – are normal.

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