Unwanted Touch

Most women have experienced it in one point of their life or another. Some one has either touched or commented in a sexual way that was not wanted. The worst cases are certainly rapes, but even lighter touch can wound and scar, which many men are not able to realize because their own experiences are so different. Continue reading


My Bitter-Sweet Blueberry Nights

We went to see the movie (My Blueberry Nights) whit my friend, who did not like it that much, because she said it is not likely to get such a handsome guy anymore (Jude Law) and thought it cheesy. I had seen it more like a story of love and lost – and journey of getting over. (Of course the Hollywood stars are pretty – they are not real life). Continue reading

Sheepish of the Sour-mood

Low life in my male front – not that it is very busy anyway, but even more silent than usually. Probably my own fault. Yet it makes me cranky. I realised this especially few weeks ago, although signs have been on the wall for longer while. I suppose it is even worst after spring was kind of better than for a while (not wild tough). Lately I’ve been thinking how unfair it is to take my dissatisfaction on others. Continue reading