Men with Rebutations (and Women Who Date Them)

Now there are men that don’t seem to be able to stay loyal to their women. You may guess what I am talking about: Jude Law. He is cute and so unreliable. What is it in women, that makes them believe they can be the ones to reform the rakes. He has already that long reputation of being a gambler. Continue reading


Status Relationship or Marriage as a Merit

They get a partner, because they are supposed to. They get married, because it looks good and they want children because they are status symbols. Before it was only boys, but today it does not matter that much, or does it? Continue reading

Babies from Abroad

It seems that there is growing adoption tend among celebrities and especially the foreign adoption. They seem to consider it as a form of charity. Yet there are always certain problems in foreign adoption. Continue reading

Girl Feeling Giraffe (Traumas of Tall Woman)

The height can be great insecurity factor. For females it is tallness usually and for men surely the shortness. You have to compensate your lack somehow. Can woman be almost as tall or possibly taller than her man? You often see very tall guys with short women, but never vice versa. Continue reading

My Dark Past: To Eat or Not to Eat

I wrote a little a bit nasty about Nicole Richie while ago. I feel a bit guilty about that, especially while I have my own experiences about eating disorder. While I’ve been listening others, I feel that mild forms of eating disorder are not rare among the women of my own generation. Continue reading

All You Need is Love – Consuming the Love

I just bought an album of Beatles number one singles and most of them are about love. That’s what’s selling. I am huge user of love-medias myself. I think we all are in different form or another. Even pornography in some level can be substitute for love, although I know that love and sex are not the same.
Continue reading

Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar

I have lately repeatedly fallen in love with Stars. Not in the sea-stars surely, but mainly in enigmatic cinematic heroes. Like Keanu Reeves, who I can mention now, because he was the first one and now long ago gone by. No hard feelings. Cute but dump.

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