Love Shy

My problem with men has been a special kind of shyness or social fear. I am afraid of sexual chemistry and behind it are my bad experiences. I know it makes me difficult to interpret, because I am not otherwise excessively shy. It often happens that men I am not interested in find me easier to approach than those that I find fascinating. It usually take time to trust and feel comfortable around them, but most men are not that patient and I can understand them. Continue reading


Panicking over Fertility

Just an year ago I wrote about not being in a hurry to become mother. Last weekend I found myself panicking about potential menopause. I know it was silly and it probably has not started yet, but my curses were light and I was quite warm (although I wore plenty of clothing) and some how it came to my mind that it might have begun. Continue reading

Confessions of Net-Dating-Virgin

I confess I did it. I wrote nice little profile in quite specific dating service my friend had used before (and not found her guy there). I just wanted to include some men in my life and possibly date. I was as honest as possible. Let me see I wrote something like hating washing dishes and being a dreamer, but surprisingly it did not seem to scare men off. Continue reading