Older or Younger Man?

Ladies mostly live longer than gents. Yet men are generally older than women, when they marry. The maths in this question are difficult. The age matters if you are looking for steady partner. Men are most likely to want to settle down in their late 20s or early 30s. Yet there are always exceptions. I my self have not yet been able to solve the question. Continue reading


What do I Think About “The Rules”

Most of us have heard of the romantic rulebook for women by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the book most men loath and some women too. My own very narrow experience in the male-species implies that its practicality is poor. Continue reading

Honorary Spinster: Jane Austen

Jane Austen is as a personality suprisingly modern and as a writer timeless.   Her vivid characters and wise stories continue to inspire, as it has done for 200  years, both men and women as well.  She was not just a writer but also a thinker and one could even call her philosopher. And she is not culture relative as Bollywood-style filmatisation “Bride and Prejudice” has shown us.

She was once engaged for just a day, for it seems that the fiancé was not satisfactory for her in the end. She was tempted of having her own home, but not at any price, as so many today’s single women do as well.

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Happy Valentine! Or is it? (+links)

It seems obligatory to write something about Valentine. What I am truly happy about is that it is not so big deal where I am staying. Don’t you just hate these artifical couple or family days? I think it is already early morning at Valentine’s somewhere in the world so I may publish this now.
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All You Need is Love – Consuming the Love

I just bought an album of Beatles number one singles and most of them are about love. That’s what’s selling. I am huge user of love-medias myself. I think we all are in different form or another. Even pornography in some level can be substitute for love, although I know that love and sex are not the same.
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