Spinster Facts

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Facts about Spinsterhood under My Blog:

Attributes of Spinsterhood

The Word: Spinster (noun)

Famous Spinsters

Essays and Factual Information Elsewhere in The Net:

Wikipedia on Spinster

Swing out spinster


World Wide Words: The word spinster will no longer be part of the British government’s vocabulary.

IULIA GRAD: Words and Women. An eligible bachelor vs. an eligible spinster.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn: English Language and Literature: Spinsters and Old Maids as Defined by the Victorian Age


Humanities Gateway, University of the West of England: Abstracts of Single Women in history years 1000-2000: Finland, Bulgaria, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Norway, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, India, New Zealand etc.

Spinsterhood During the The Victorian Era

The Early Modern Witch-Hunt by Steve Muhlberger (Little dark history: Victims were usually either Spinsters or Widows).


the Scholars of Single Women Network

Spinster: An Evolving Stereotype Revealed Through Film by Deborah J. Mustard, in On-line publication of January 20, 2000, Journal of Media Psychology

BBC 2007: Single women ‘do less housework’

Life-style Choices and Practice Elsewhere:


Sisters of silk: Hong Kong’s Chinese Amahs – Spinster sisterhoods.

The Beguines by Elizabeth T. Knuth

Why Jane Austen Never Married


When The Ring Doens’t Fit.., by Psychology Today

The New York Times: Men. Are Women Better Off With Them, or Without Them? (Women’s health).

Sisterhood of solitaire traveling– Jane Ganahl

Home alone — and loving to own it -Jane Ganahl

No children, no apologies – Jane Ganahl

Unmarried Because They Value Marriage By Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas

Resources Elsewhere:

Holla Back NYC – Against Street Harassers (sister sites all over US).

The Friendship Page


Unmarried America: Library One

Swwan – Single Working Women

10 things a single woman should know about retirement planning.

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