Why Are We Making It So Difficult?

Fifty year ago marrying was simple business – people met and got married. Then they lived simply together until the end of their lives. If they ended up divorcing behind of it was something very difficult, like family violence, cheating or heavy drinking. Continue reading


The Truth in Old Photos

It is revealing to see old photos. After decades one can watch them almost as an outsider, while it is otherwise impossible to dive in the past as it was. You only know it through your emotional memories. The photos are revealing a frozen past. Continue reading

Long Time No Seen (or Digging up Some Old Dirt)

It has been ages I’ve written. “Nothing has really happen”, I think in my low moments and yet, when I talked to a friend she commented that I am having more bustle than years before. Maybe I have, but I still consider it nothing. I feel like being properly on the self, if you could call it like that. I’ve been feeling hopeless for while … Continue reading

Desperately Seeking True Gentlemen

It seems to me that true Gentlemen are not in fashion. There are some guys, who act gentlemanly in front of women they are after, but behind their backs are buggers. The true gentleman first of all must truly respect and cherish women (in general), a trait that was banned by a gang of ultra-feminist in the name of absolute equality. Continue reading

My Role Models: Ms. Beatrix Potter

Now Ms. Potter was not just a writer of sweet children’s literature, but also a respected female scientist. Her paper on germination of spores was presented by her uncle in Linnea Society that later apologized of her treatment. Still most people don’t know about this side of hers. At the same time she draw pictures of funny animals wearing pastel clothes and there is no inclination that she took it any less seriously.
Continue reading

What Happens to Men?

It is not long time a go I talked whit some one how some men stay fit even, when they get old – yet some men don’t. Look at this… Continue reading

Help! They Try to Pick Me Up

I don’t know, if I am overly sensitive or something, but I don’t like men trying to pick me up, when I am walking on the street or something. Yes, yes I know I am again spinster-material here, but I cannot help to feel queasy, when somebody forces his company on me, no matter how nice he would be. ´

Last in the Spinster and Beautiful (or so they told me)… Continue reading