Please don’t ever Propose me at the Valentines!

There is just this one wish I have for man who ever is going to propose me. I don’t mind how he does it (but might have notice that my taste is not for romantic cliches…) but please would you not propose me at Valentines. It is so old and corny. Continue reading


Kissing is Relative

Although most of us consider kissing part of common romantic behaviour, it isn’t so in all cultures. It is not long since Japanese considered kissing strange and exotic erotic technique professed by the wordly women. Continue reading

Strange Things Happen

One evening I got a call from a short of cousin of mine I’d not seen for some years, He was in the city and wanted to drink one bear. It did not feel comfortable from the beginning. It was strangest meeting ever. Continue reading

Clinging on Others – Childish Affairs

To continue yesterdays theme: there are several rather immature things both women and men do in relationships. I don’t grant neither sex freedom of fault in this field. I don’t mean everybody are immature – I mean only that far too many of us are. (I have learned lately to include myself in this category). Continue reading

Never Been Truly Desperate Since

Worst moment in my spinster “career” was when I hit 24  – the traditional age of spinsterhood in my culture. I felt I needed to find a man, right there – right then, and it led me in short of trouble. (I had a male friend, who got the same panic at the age of 25, but did not wake up and ended up married, and I’m not very sure, how happy he is now. Last time I saw him he was missing his lost youth). Continue reading

“Do Blonds Really Like Have More Fun?”

It seems common knowledge that men (universally) prefer blonds. Blonder the hair, lighter the skin, more blue the eyes – the better, right? My experience on the issue is varied …

Continue reading

Happy Valentine! Or is it? (+links)

It seems obligatory to write something about Valentine. What I am truly happy about is that it is not so big deal where I am staying. Don’t you just hate these artifical couple or family days? I think it is already early morning at Valentine’s somewhere in the world so I may publish this now.
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