Why Are We Making It So Difficult?

Fifty year ago marrying was simple business – people met and got married. Then they lived simply together until the end of their lives. If they ended up divorcing behind of it was something very difficult, like family violence, cheating or heavy drinking. Continue reading


My Little Sis is Now 30

And as she is few years younger than I am, I don’t even want to think what that makes me… She is spinster in making, but I have to say she has shown the sings for years. (Please don’t take this too seriously!) Continue reading

I Should Have Known Better

I was visiting Italy in the spring. Yes, yes I know, I’ve been thinking of telling you this story since then, but somehow I seem to not have gotten into it. Don’t ask me what I’ve done, because I am not able to explain it – I am not even sure if I know it myself. Continue reading

Long Time Not Seen

Yes, I have been away for long time. I got tired of the blog and felt I had nothing to say to you. The pause have  helped me to collect my vits and I hope I have more to tell you in near future. This Year has so far offered its ups and downs – and even adventures.

End of the Year Meme

I copied this meme from Modobs in “What’s love got to do with it?” It sounded like fun and she did not direct it towards anybody particular, so I decided to take it over.

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before?Visited Naples at least.

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?I don’t have any idea what I promised last new year – and I have made some again and probably going to forget those too. Continue reading


He seemed nice, well educated and polite. We had nice chat over the net. Then he told he had nothing in the home to eat and silly me joked about needing to order the pizza. He wanted to meet me over lunch or dinner next day. I am no follower of the rule book – yet the invitation surprised me. Continue reading

End of the Year 2008

Most of the second half of 2008 my life evolve around work (a lot of new and stressful things), my mother (who I’ve been worried about) and my god daughter, who will soon be half year old. I have to admit I am besotted. She is a little darling. Continue reading