Girl Feeling Giraffe (Traumas of Tall Woman)

The height can be great insecurity factor. For females it is tallness usually and for men surely the shortness. You have to compensate your lack somehow. Can woman be almost as tall or possibly taller than her man? You often see very tall guys with short women, but never vice versa.

I had a taller, thin friend who talked about magnificent tall women. My other friends father told her never to get too fat, because tall fat women are just too grand. It is true that it is hard to find feminine delicacy in them. But I suppose it depends on what one respects on women.

When I was about ten I was started to be treated older than I truly was. At the age of 14 people tought I was adult. And this was in alcohol selling hotel complex (and about alcohol). They did not even doubt I was not. It is hard for child to be treated older – espesially the girl.

I red an interview of Jude Law, who is  tall enough him self, but still feeling insicure of his lack of hight. I wanted to ask him, how often does he meet women taller tham him. I strongly doubt that, because women that tall are rarity. Althoug have to admit that when some one that famouse admits a lack of confidence due to their high it is comforting.

I on the other hand often meet men, that are shorter than me. Abroad it is even worst, because my countrymen are generally relatively tall and men in south are significantly shorter. When I have got older this has bothered me significantly less, but has still not totally vanished.


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  1. You are not alone. There are a LOT of tall women out there and believe it or not, a great many of them are married to men shorter than they are. There are a lot of men that LOVE tall women. My husband developed much better posture when we started going out. heehee. He fussed a little at me wearing heels and I basically ignored him. Don’t be stuck in shoes you hate just because it might make the man uncomfortable. He will get over himself or he will move on, and you will be better for either case. There really are lots of men out there and if you give one the idea that he can tell you what to wear, he will also figure he can tell you what do do in other areas. Mine once made the mistake of trying to tell me that I had to tell him what I was doing when we were working on the car. He seemed to think I should clear everything with him, when I am the one with much more of a maintenance background. He won’t make that mistake again.

  2. Oh, I’ve got plenty of friends. It seems that tall ladies hang around each other. May be we don’t then feel so tall – and look either.

    But it was nice to hear about you.

    And I usually wear heels, all the time. That was what that friend of mine, who talked about “handsome tall women” tought me.


  3. I like em tall… and I’m 5″4′.

  4. Well I was not going to reveal this but I am 5″8′. 🙂

    I have friends that are 5″9′ – 5″10′ so should not be complaining.

  5. Hmmm…. funny. The last two… no three ladies I have dated are 5″8’… including one that I am in an open relationship with right now… just what ARE you implying?

  6. Dear Billy! Not implying anything. Save your imagination. 😐

    Just pointing out that there was a point, when I said there are men smaller than me. Not just few – many. Maybe should have said that. I mean 4 inches!

    PS. Not looking for relationship here. It was suprise to me that you guys are so interested of my blog, as I am a spinster, but it’s nice to change views. So just friends, OK?

  7. Of course ya goof.

  8. I’ve found that the height of the man is far eclipsed by the height of his confidence. I’ve never let being a shorty slow me down, and I don’t quite understand why some men do. Believing physical attributes to be negative, is simply a self-limiting belief. You are what you think.

  9. It is good that you have high confidence, but not all of us – me espesially – have it so strong. Oh, I’ve never have had doupts about my intelligence, but as younger I was feeling very insecure of my feminity.

    Have to admit, that height is mainly an old trauma, not current. I’ve learned to be tall woman. In Italy the amount of shorter men (and lack of taller men) was shocking, but while living in India, not so much any more. But it took time.

    But there has been compensations. In high school ball I got to dance with second tallest guy in the class, very handsome athlete, who was very nice guy too. So not so bad. 🙂

  10. Tall women have many advantages in looks actually! With a longer, more curvy figure, and the right style of dress and hair, its easy to pull the look of the seductress. Short women aren’t as attractive in that way. I think its why after ten months with the woman I am with, I still get a nasty case of the god-damns when I watch her walk by. Its enough to drive a man nuts. Use it to your advantage if and when you decide that the spinster lifestyle is no longer for you. It’ll go a long way.

  11. I’m 6’8” and tall women *always* catch my eye. Don’t be shy about your height.

  12. Ha, noboby seems to like their height. I’m too short, and I hate it. My friends are tall and they wish they could be like me. One of my best friends is 6’1″ and, as a spinster, she said she has a lot of trouble finding a decent man of her height (because she doesn’t want to date guys shorter than her).

  13. I am 6’1″ and I am trying to accept my height but I have to admit that it’s a reason of my insecurities.

    I mean I love these high heels on cute little girls. And I know that I will never look like that, nor will I wear high heels with my height, even if I like them so much…

    It’s difficult to be very tall (sorry but I don’t count 5″8 as tall, it’s almost an average nowadays), but I guess we have to learn to accept it.

  14. Now I would not consider 5’8″ average, even if it might look like that from your perspective. There are few women taller than me that I know – but just few. I was always the second tallest of the class or something.

    And it certainly don’t change the fact that height can be traumatic. Even more the taller you’re. Whit my height I can sometimes forget it, but whit yours I suppose that is not possible.

    And I would recommend ballerinas. We have good excuse not to use heigh heels and we should use it. They are not that good for back and feet anyway. I’ve been of them for a while although I used to wear them all the time. I think that was a kind of rebellion.

  15. hi there all you people.where can i meet a lovely lady in my own country?you talk about tall people,i can’t find them anywhere.i live in south wales uk and finding tall ladies to talk to is very difficult.if anyone out there can help me please blog me an answer.

  16. I’m a 5’8 female and use to HATE my height. but then i turned 30 and realized that my angle was my height. just like short women play on the fact that they are little the tall thing works to. I realized you have to have a little confidence in whatever you may be. tall, short, thin, curvy. its all good if you like yourself first.

  17. I’ve always been attracted to taller women, and often I wish that there were more of them. Honestly, I’ve always been of the opinion that ‘average’ height for a woman was between 5’4″ and 5’8″ tall, and don’t really consider a woman ‘tall’ unless she’s taller than 5’10”. I’m 6’4″ and often wish that I was shorter, maybe just 6′, the reality is that the world isn’t designed for people my height!

    In any case, to all of you gorgeous tall women out there, don’t be afraid to wear high heels, because when you get down to it, there are a lot of us guys who think you’re beautiful, no matter how tall you are!

  18. Thanks Geof! 😀

  19. Hello!!!!

    I am 5’8 or 5’9 and seriously i hate it. i am just traumatized with it. i really try to ignore and get over itj, but it is really hard. i, sometimes, understand that there are people with real problems not stupid trauma, but it is still difficult. specially because everybody seems to be so short. the problem with me, i think, is that i am always the tallest girl in the class and sometimes there are not even taller guys. i was traumatized with never finding a boy taller than me to date, now i have a boyfriend and he is way shorter than me. i love him, i really do but i feel uncorfortable with him being so short and me being so TALL.

    well this is a little bit about me. i hope someone can make some comments about this. i will really appreciate it.

    thanks a lot

  20. I know. The truth is, when one gets older, it gets slightly better. A friend of mine, who is about 5’10 told me to feel proud of my height and wear heels, if I feel like.

    As long as your boy friend loves you and you love him, who cares about, if you’re taller than him.

  21. Being tall is an utter nightmare sometimes. Im 6′ and buying clothes not to mention dating are two things that shouldnt be as hard as they are.

  22. Sometimes I feel a little insecure too because of my height …mostly because I don’t look like anyone in the room when I’m around people. I’d like to see more people who look like me because it can be stressful to look so different from anyone else all the time…

  23. Gosh, I hate my height. Or rather, how other people respond to it. I’m 6ft2 and not a day goes by without a man/men hurling insults at me/asking if I’m a guy/transexual etc (not just in this country, but also abroad). Funny thing is, I used to successfully work as a model and always get interest & compliments from famous men. Wtf? Anyhoo, unless I marry a rock star or Hollywood actor, I’m likely to remain single, because ‘normal’ men seem unable to accept that I am as feminine as the 5ft4 woman, with all working parts!

  24. Hi Corina, I’d love everybody to feel good in their skins – however they might look. It is not easy, I know.

    Amazongirl – You’ve met a lot of really intimidated men or jealous women. It is true that men in general – even the tall ones (strangely) are intimidated by female height.

  25. Hello everyone I’m Vindicator,

    Personally I don’t care how tall a woman is! I’m 5’10” male and at one stage did date a girl that was 6′ (6’3″ in high heels!)
    At first she was a little apprehensive about going out with a dude shorter than her but over time she got used to it and now dates men at whatever height!

    Personally I have no sympathy for tall women who don’t date guys shorter than themselves (or any woman for that matter!)
    If tall women ( say 6′ +) want to limit their choices that’s fine but please stop complaining! You made your choice, now deal with the consequences!

    I wrote a blog about tall women not dating shorter men.
    Here’s the link:

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